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Elf Dog & Owl Head

M. T. Anderson

Jack the Library Cat

Marietta Apollonio


Van G. Garrett

No is All I Know

Chris Grabenstein

Fergus and Zeke

Kate Messner

Fergus and Zeke for President

Messner, Kate/ Ross, Heather (ILT)

The Burning Maze

Rick Riordan

The Hidden Oracle

Rick Riordan

The Dark Prophecy

Rick Riordan

The Swifts

Beth Lincoln

The One and Only Ruby

Katherine Applegate

What's Your Name?

Bethanie Deeney Murguia

We'll Make Things Better Together

Gundersheimer, Ben/ Phumiruk, Dow (ILT)


Vashti Harrison

Weather Together

Jessie Sima

Group Hug

Jean Reidy

Gogo the Mountain Gorilla

Jatwani, Beverly/ Cloud, Sawyer (ILT)

Becoming Charley

Kelly DiPucchio

Rock Out!

Stephen Shaskan

Lyra and Misty

Julie Sykes

I Like This Color

Liz Goulet Dubois

Kids Cookbook

Kids Cookbook

Elizabeth Taliaferro

Better Together

Chloe Douglass

Together We Grow

Susan Vaught

Together We Drum, Our Hearts Beat As One

Poll, Willie/ Bird, Chief Lady (ILT)

Snake's Big Mistake

Sarah Kurpiel


Kelly Starling Lyons

I Spy Fly Guy

Tedd Arnold

Better Together

Kathy McCullough

Peekaboo Rex!

Sandra Boynton


Ludwig Bemelmans

The Safari Set

Madeleine Rogers

Big Boy Underpants

Fran Manushkin

Ghost Town at Sundown

Mary Pope Osborne

Lions at Lunchtime

Mary Pope Osborne

Polar Bears Past Bedtime

Mary Pope Osborne

Dolphins at Daybreak

Mary Pope Osborne

One Blue Gnu

Danna Smith

Theodore Boone

John Grisham

Have a Slice Day

Nancy E. Krulik

School Trip

Jerry Craft

Day of the Dragon King

Mary Pope Osborne


A. A. Milne

Freya and Honey

Julie Sykes

Coyote Vs. Dingo

Jerry Pallotta

Maxie Wiz and Her Dragon

Michelle Meadows

The Best in the World

Derek Anderson

Big Bub, Small Tub

Alastair Heim

The Blue Umbrella

Emily Ann Davison

The Loud Librarian

Jenna Beatrice

Fiona, Love at the Zoo

Richard Cowdrey

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