New Audiobooks
New Children's Books

Wild Blue

Dashka Slater

When Sea Becomes Sky

Gillian McDunn

Tears Are Not Forever

Elizabeth Verdick

Stanley's Park

William Bee

Stanley's Boat

William Bee

Snoozing Sun

JohnTom Knight

Sleuthing Machine

Dusti Bowling

Sleepy Sheepy

Lucy Ruth Cummins

Leeva at Last

Sara Pennypacker

I Can Make a Train Noise

Michael Emberley

Where's Waldo?

Martin Handford

Dragon Pet

Ari Avatar

The Daily Sniff

Jane Cabrera

Berry Song

Michaela Goade

You Are a Story

Bob Raczka

Hot Dog

Doug Salati

Finding Papa

Angela Pham Krans


Matthew Cordell

Elena Rides

Juana Medina

A Crown for Corina

Laekan Zea Kemp

Polar Bear

Candace Fleming

The Corgi and the Queen

Caroline L. Perry

Black Beach

Shaunna Stith

Zap! Clap! Boom!

Laura Purdie Salas

We Are Here

Tami Charles

Tiptoe Tiger

Jane Clarke

So Much Snow

Kristen Schroeder

Pick a Perfect Egg

Patricia Toht

Moon's Ramadan

Natasha Khan Kazi

The Kindest Red

Ibtihaj Muhammad

The Guardian Test

Christina Soontornvat

Finally Seen

Kelly Yang

Construction Site

Sherri Duskey Rinker


Lorrie Mack

Cool Technology

Jenny Jacoby

125 Cool Inventions

Crispin Boyer

Dog Breed Guide

T. J. Resler


Julia Kuo

What's in a Name?

Melissa Iwai

We Can Say No

Lydia Bowers

Sunny Days

Deborah Kerbel

Snow Horses

Patricia MacLachlan

Snow Days

Deborah Kerbel

Rainy Days

Deborah Kerbel

Off the Wall

Theodore Taylor

How to Send a Hug

Hayley Rocco

Happy Again

Igor Plohl

Give Me a Snickle!

Alisha Sevigny

Gigi and Ojiji

Melissa Iwai

Fire Chief Fran

Linda Ashman

Deb Haaland

Jill Doerfler

Baby Rattlesnake

Lynn Moroney

An American Story

Kwame Alexander

Battle Royale

Jerry Pallotta

The Underland

Katrina Charman

History Smashers

Kate Messner

Tooth Fairy Helper

Christy Webster

St. Patrick's Day

Gail Gibbons


Nick Eliopulos

Rhinos at Recess

Mary Pope Osborne

A Place to Call Home

Lauren Castillo

Peekaboo Rex!

Sandra Boynton

Oona in the Arctic

Kelly DiPucchio

Meet Ms. Marvel

Pamela Afram

If You Sailed on the Titanic

Denise Lewis Patrick

New Young Adult Books

Chain of Thorns

Cassandra Clare

Ace of Spades

Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

New Comics & Graphic Novels

I Did It!

Michael Emberley

Swim Team Trouble

Katie Schenkel

Home Ice Rivals

Brandon Terrell

Half-pipe Panic

Brandon Terrell

Animorphs. 3, The Encounter

Katherine Applegate

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