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About OverDrive

Library Connection pioneered a group purchase of OverDrive in 2006. Our libraries saw the collective purchase of downloadable audiobooks as an embodiment of our ideals of collaboration, innovation, and savings. By sharing the purchase, each library could offer its patrons a greater selection than it could possibly afford by itself.

Our involvement with OverDrive has grown as its offerings have expanded. We now offer our patrons downloadable movies and ebooks as well as audiobooks. In 2010, we expanded the collaborative concept by offering participation in the shared OverDrive collection to any Connecticut library that does not have access to another shared OverDrive collection. By June of 2012, we grew to a total of 50 participating libraries, almost half of which are non-Library Connection members.

The operation of the program is a cooperative effort between the participating libraries and Library Connection staff. Libraries decide what content to offer to their patrons. In addition to managing the financial relationship with OverDrive, Library Connection staff help libraries market their OverDrive collection to increase patron awareness and circulation. Library Connection staff train member library staff in how to assist patrons in downloading audio and ebooks and in using various brands of ebook readers. Library Connection also has a staff member dedicated to supporting patrons with problems that their local library staff are unable to resolve.

For information about participating in Library Connection’s shared downloadable collection, contact Ann Weaver, Financial Officer at 860 937-8262.

You can view our OverDrive Catalog here